Chicago's Top 3 Oldest Homes

Chicago's Top 3 Oldest Homes

  • Stephanie Turner
  • 10/25/23

Chicago has such a rich history, and some of its residential buildings date back to the 19th century. Here are three of the oldest residential buildings in Chicago:

1. Clarke House Museum:

The Clarke House, built in 1836, is the oldest surviving residential building in Chicago. It's located in the Prairie Avenue Historic District. The house was originally constructed for Henry B. Clarke, a merchant, and his family. It's a Greek Revival-style structure that has been restored and is now a museum showcasing the life and history of early Chicago.

2. Henry Gerber House:

Built in 1885, the Henry Gerber House is the oldest known building associated with the LGBTQ+ rights movement in the United States. Henry Gerber, a German immigrant, lived in this residence in the early 20th century and used it as a meeting place for the Society for Human Rights, one of the first documented LGBTQ+ organizations in the country. The house is located in Chicago's Old Town neighborhood.

3. Nickerson Mansion:

The Nickerson Mansion, also known as the Richard H. Driehaus Museum, was constructed in 1883 in Chicago's Gold Coast neighborhood. While it's not strictly a residential building today, it was originally a grand mansion built for wealthy banker Samuel M. Nickerson. The mansion is a stunning example of Gilded Age architecture and design and is now a museum showcasing the art and design of that era.

These historic residential buildings provide a glimpse into Chicago's past and the architectural styles and lifestyles of different periods in the city's history. They are not only historically significant but also important landmarks in the city's cultural and architectural heritage.

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