How To Give Your Chicago Home A Wellness Makeover

How To Give Your Chicago Home A Wellness Makeover

  • Stephanie Turner
  • 01/8/24

Ever thought of giving your home a wellness makeover? It’s like hitting the refresh button on your living space, turning it into a place of health and happiness. Here’s how you can do it:

Indoor Plants: These aren’t just decorative. They're mood lifters and air purifiers rolled into one. Adding a few green friends like spider plants or aloe vera can transform the feel of your home.

Humidity Levels: It’s all about balance. Too dry or too humid, and your comfort takes a hit. A simple humidifier or dehumidifier can make your home feel just right.

Zen Spot: This is your personal retreat within your home. A corner for meditation, reading, or just unwinding with a cup of tea. This little spot can be your sanctuary for daily tranquility.

Declutter: Think of decluttering as detoxing your home. It’s about creating a space that breathes positivity and efficiency. Less clutter means less stress and more joy.

Right Lighting: Soft, layered lighting from lamps or natural sources can create a warm, inviting atmosphere. It’s about ditching the harsh overheads for an easy-on-the-eyes glow.

And remember, if you’re looking to buy or sell a home in Chicago that embodies these wellness principles, I’m here to help you find that perfect space. Chicago home buying and selling is made easy when you have the right broker! 

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